2016 Calcutta is scheduled for August 27th & 28th


-8 am shotgun & 1 pm shotgun on Saturday, Everyone will start on #1 tee on Sunday!
-We will be open for Dinner Friday and Saturday Evening!
-We will do pairings on Thursday afternoon and post on website!
-For the pm shotgun we ask that once carts come in from the am shotgun please just grab a cart from any group!
On Sunday you will not be able to have your cart until you are on the first Tee!
-The Auction on Saturday night time TBA

Day 1 we will have an 8 am shotgun and a 1 pm shotgun start.  We will have the auction on Saturday night of day 1! All teams will be flighted at the conclusion of day 1!

Day 2 will be tee times starting at early as 7 am!  Everyone will go off of number 1 tee!

The Dinning room will be open for lunch and Dinner during the Calcutta!


Day 1 Pairings

HOLE # TEAM 1                              TEAM 2

1A Kocis Thomson C Lewis Sternavunt
1B Osborne Walker VanDaele Thomas
2 Reeder Murphy Hocket D. Mosenfelder
3 Mosenfelder Picket Bean Loshe
4 Derrick Smieth Code Barnett
5 Dave Harker J Tavares D Spets D Bryner
6 McCracken Strader Beach Swint
7A S Lindberg Holke R Hansen Doubet
7B Sarge Kate Whitmen McGraw
8 Ewing Ewing M Daum Swanson
9 Kretchman White Sullivan Stern
10 Whalen Haig Ince Ince
11 McRenolds Bowers B Vandersnick K Morris
12 Klemmer Drescher A Ingels D Ingels
13 Davis Scott A Russel G Hampton
14 C Pillen M Pillen C Gustafson C Gustafson
15A S Salisbury Hendrick A Salisbury Mitro
15B Dan Harker Duncan Brorby Brorby
16 J Brunner Haars Millens Taylor
17 Dison Mowbray Camey Tocha
18 Christakos Daum Welti Hoffy

HOLE # TEAM 1                                 TEAM 2

1A Paxson Langdon Marshal Marshal
1B Horsley Way Peach Talbot
2 T Miler M Miler M Miler Boland
3 Otterstrom P Dennison Willer Dennison
4A Milroy Deuel Quanstrom Quanstrom
4B Horrie Boyer Graham Carter
5 Butler Callahan C Vandersnick E Hansen
6 Simpson Hoostie Wallace Wallace
7A D Anderson Miller Green Green
7B Hamilton S Welgot S Lay Litton
8 Bennison Carasca Pate Nanniga
9A M Salisbury Cos Young T Crabtree
9B Estes J Crabtree C Tavares T Harker
10 Wagner Rux Cotton Bruning
11A Taube Smith Scritchfield Lyndell
11B Lindberg Lang Gordo Brugman
12 Downing Downing Pettifer Boney
13 T Bates Horberg Adams Simytas
14 K Jones Armstrong Goose Fredrikson
15A B Addis Marchand Hopping Huck
15B Hagerty Stephenson Kaiser Nelson
16 Rider Rider D Talbot M Talbot
17 T Hansen Moser Kernen Caurru
18A Christy Roman Bahr Ayers
18B RC Jones Tiemen C Jones Dean

Day 2 pairings and Tee Times off #1 Tee

Please keep up with the pace of play! We want to make sure if we have any delays we get everything in before dark!


2016 Calcutta Championship Flight 2016 Calcutta First Flight 2016 Calcutta Second Flight 2016 Calcutta Third FlightDisplaying 20160829_112341.jpg

2016 Calcutta Fifth Flight 2016 Calcutta sixth flight 2016 Calcutta seventh Flight 2016 Calcutta Eighth 2016 Calcutta Ninth Flight