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 2018 Tuesday Night League

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2018 Tuesday Night Golf League Info

2018 Tuesday Night League Teams

-If you are wondering how the handicap works, click on the link  LeagueID: kdunes no password required to get a more in depth look into league results.



September 4th League Dinner

-On September 4th we will have AYCE Fried Chicken Buffet available for league participants from 6-8 pm! We will also have a keg available in the golf bar. Everyone is welcome to golf before. We will not have any sort of ceremony. Again food will be out from 6-8pm.

-Gift Certificates will be handed out to all league winners on September 4th.

-We will have the $5 game the next two weeks!

Next weeks Championship Match

Galva Boy  vs.   Dunes

Galva Boys and Dunes will go head to head next week. Participants of your team need to be here at 5pm  on Tuesday! 2 players from each team will make the 4 some or if we have to make a 5 persone group we will. Please let us know if this will not work for your team.

Round 1 Results

Galva Boy (130) def South Side Masonry (132)

Dunes (137) def Branchfield (144)

Tuesday Night League Week 15 $5 Game Results

Low Gross- Gordo Talbot
Low Net- Byan Addis, Gordo Talbot, Rick Otterstrom, Matt Buck
Proxy- Justin Crabtree
Gross Skins- Dave Wallace #2, Steve Nelson #5, Justin Crabtree #6
Net Skin- Matt Buck #3, Dave Wallace #2, John Peach #4 and Steve Nelson #5



Tuesday Night League  (Week 14)

Low Gross- Tom Miler
Low Net- Phil Esquer, Johnny Peach, Andy Talbot
Proxy- Joe Tavares
Gross Skins- NONE
Net Skin- Phil Esquer #17

Semi Final Match- 1st Seed Galva Boys vs 4th Seed Southside Masonry; 2nd Seed Branchfield Casting vs 3rd Seed Dunes

  • Dunes: Peach-41-10-32, Sarge-DNP, Dave Wallace-42-6-36, Langdon-38-3-35, Kernan-39-3-36, Carreau-DNP  Don Wallace-44-6-38, Horsley-46-7-39, A Talbot-41-10-32, Roman-DNP

Total: 135 ( 10.5 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-46-5-41, Crabtree-44-5-39, Ewing-DNP, Hart-49-7-42, Palen-DNP, Mossner-48-9-39, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-49-11-38, Sanders-43-7-36, A.Welgat-DNP

Total: 152 (1.5 point)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-DNP, Strader-49-10-39, JMAC-40-6-34, Ahlberg-48-13-35, VanDaele-DNP, Pace-39-6-33, Haverland-DNP, Edleman-50-13-37

Total: 140 (8.5 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-34-(-1)-35, Harker-47-10-37, M.Miler-49-4-45,Price-36-1-35, Boswell-DNP, Reeser-46-12-34, Pont-47-11-36, Bryner-51-6-45, Huber-49-8-41, G. Talbot-DNP

Total: 140 (8.5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-39-5-34, Smith-41-6-35, Herridge-44-2-42, Femalli-DNP, Raley-DNP,   Tavares-DNP, Code-42-7-35, Derrick-44-6-38, Milroy-DNP

Total: 142 (4 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 48-11-37, Stephenson-40-5-35, D.Dennison-41-6-35, P. Dennison-45-11-34, D. Talbot-43-11-32, M. Talbot-DNP, Lang-45-10-35, Kaiser-40-6-34, Anderson-44-6-38 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 135 (10.5 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-52-12-40, Spets-DNP, Salisbury-46-5-41, Yaklich-44-6-38,Hendrick-46-6-40 Parrott-42-6-36, J. Tavares-40-3-37, Mitro-40-7-33 Christakos-44-8-36, D. Daum-46-7-39

Total: 142 ( 4 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-49-9-40, C. Salisbury-48-10-38, D. Ince-DNP,Steger-51-15-36,Esquer46-18-32, Brown-39-4-35

Total: 141 ( 6.5 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-DNP, Graham-DNP, Callahan-DNP, Smith-DNP, Pate-40-4-36,Nanninga-49-7-42, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-48-12-36, Mertz-41-3-38, Cotton-DNP

Total: 152 ( 1.5 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-42-6-36, R.Addis-43-11-32, R. Scott-41-6-35, D. Scott-38-5-33, Tanzillo-DNP, D.Carreau-DNP D. Ryan-52-18-34

Total: 134 (12 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-41-5-36, M. Daum-42-6-36, P. Daum-46-13-33, Sloan-DNP, Glaser-DNP, Boston-DNP, Hillan-DNP, Kane-38-2-36, King-46-9-37

Total:141 (6.5 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-54-16-38.,Nelson-41-5-36, Jennings-DNP, Cornwall-55-17-38, Otterstrom-43-7-36 Allen-54-18-36, Thomson-DNP, Anderson-43-6-37, W. Buck-44-10-34, M. Buck-50-13-37

Total: 142 (4 points)


Team Standings (7th  week second half):   Teams in Green already in playoffs Teams in Red earn last two playoff spots

  • 1st Galva Boys- 63.5 First Seed- 123 total points
  • 2nd Branchfield Casting-62.5 Second Seed- 103 total points
  • 3rd Southside Masonry- 52.5 Fourth Seed- 75 total points
  • 4th Class of 68’-50.5
  • 5th State Bank of Toulon- 49.5
  • 6th Dunes-45.5 Third Seed – 102 total points
  • 7th Dunes Maintenance-43
  • 7th Mayhem-43

8th   Dirty Daums and The Boys-42.5

  • 9th Heavy Knuckles-36.5
  • 10th We Be Strokin-32
  • 11th Dirty Mike and The Boys- 25


Tuesday Night League Week 6 Second Half (Week 13)

Low Gross-Tom Miler
Low Net-C. Salisbury, M. Buck, Kaiser, Mitro, Stephenson, King, A. Talbot, P. Dennison
Proxy- Gary Mitro
Gross Skin- T, Miler #1
Net Skins- Mitro #2, Morse #4, M. Buck #5

  • Dunes: Horsley-46-8-38, Sarge-DNP, Dave Wallace-40-6-34, Langdon-43-3-40, Kernan-DNP, Carreau-42-7-35 Don Wallace-43-6-37, Peach-44-10-34, A Talbot-43-12-32, Roman-40-5-35

Total: 135 ( 9.5 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-46-5-41, Crabtree-39-5-34, Ewing-45-7-38, Hart-DNP,

Palen-DNP, Mossner-47-9-38, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-DNP, Sanders-DNP, A.Welgat-DNP

Total: 151 (1 point)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-DNP, Strader-43-10-33, JMAC-42-6-36, Ahlberg-45-14-32,

VanDaele-DNP, Pace-40-6-34, Haverland-45-7-38, Edleman-50-13-37

Total: 135 (9.5 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-34-(-1)-35, Harker-49-9-40, M.Miler-DNP,Price-35-1-33, Boswell-42-6-36, Reeser-52-11-41, Pont-48-11-37, Bryner-43-7-36, Huber-DNP, G. Talbot-DNP

Total: 140 (3.5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-43-4-39, Smith-40-6-34, Herridge-42-2-40, Femalli-53-12-41, Raley-DNP, Tavares-43-4-39, Code-42-7-35, Derrick-42-7-35, Milroy-41-6-35

Total: 139 (5 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 51-10-41, Stephenson-36-5-32, D.Dennison-47-6-41, P. Dennison-44-12-32, D. Talbot-46-10-36, M. Talbot-50-12-38, Lang-46-10-36, Kaiser-37-7-32, Anderson-47-6-41 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 132 (11.5 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-49-12-37, Spets-38-3-35, Salisbury-40-6-34, Yaklich-39-6-33,Hendrick-DNP Parrott-DNP, J. Tavares-37-4-33, Mitro-38-8-32 Christakos-45-8-37, D. Daum-46-7-39

Total: 132 ( 11.5 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-46-10-36, C. Salisbury-41-12-32, D. Ince-44-5-39,Steger-DNP,Esquer-DNP, Brown-38-4-34

Total: 141 ( 2 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-DNP, Graham-40-0-40, Callahan-43-3-40, Smith-51-15-36, Pate-41-4-37, Nanninga-46-7-39, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-47-12-35, Mertz-36-4-32, Cotton-48-10-38

Total: 140 ( 3.5 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-DNP, R.Addis-46-11-35, R. Scott-40-7-33, D. Scott-42-5-37
  1. Tanzillo-47-11-36, D.Carreau-44-9-35 D. Ryan-51-17-34

Total: 137 (7.5 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-DNP, M. Daum42-6-36, P. Daum-45-14-32, Sloan-DNP

Glaser-DNP, Boston-DNP, Hillan-DNP, Kane40-2-38, King-41-10-32

Total:138 (6 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-51-17-34.,Nelson-DNP, Jennings-45-7-38, Cornwall-55-18-37, Otterstrom-46-7-38 Allen-57-18-39, Thomson-38-4-34, Anderson-47-6-41, W. Buck-48-11-37, M. Buck-43-14-32

Total: 137 (7.5 points)


Team Standings (6th  week second half):   

  • 1st Galva Boys- 59.5
  • 2nd Branchfield Casting-52
  • 3rd State Bank of Toulon- 45.5
  • 4th Class of 68’-42
  • 5th Mayhem-41.5
  • 6th Southside Masonry- 40.5
  • 7th Dirty Daums and The Boys-36
  • 8th Dunes-35

9th   Dunes Maintenance-34.5

  • 10th Heavy Knuckles-32.5
  • 11th We Be Strokin-25.5
  • 12th Dirty Mike and The Boys- 23.5


Tuesday Night League Week 5-2nd half:

Week 5-2nd half $5 game results:

Low Gross- D. Ince
Low Net- D. Ince, A. Talbot, R. Smith
Gross Skin- D. Price #18
Net Skin- D. Price #18
Proxy- D. Spets

Tuesday Night League Week 5 Second Half (Week 12)

  • Dunes: Sarge-54-11-43, Dave Wallace-DNP, Langdon-41-3-38, Kernan-42-3-39, Carreau-DNP Don Wallace-DNP, Peach-47-9-38, A Talbot-44-12-32, Roman-43-5-38

Total: 146 ( 3 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-43-6-37, Crabtree-43-5-38, Ewing-50-7-43, Hart-DNP, Palen-DNP, Mossner-44-10-34, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-DNP, Sanders-45-7-38, A.Welgat-DNP

Total: 147 (1.5 point)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-DNP, Strader-DNP, JMAC-43-6-37, Ahlberg-50-14-36, VanDaele-50-11-39, Pace-42-5-37, Haverland-43-7-36, Edleman-46-14-32

Total: 141 (7 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-DNP, Harker-DNP, M.Miler-42-5-37,Price-38-1-37, Boswell-DNP, Reeser-44-11-33, Pont-49-11-38, Bryner-DNP, Huber-50-8-42, G. Talbot-DNP

Total: 145 (4 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-DNP, Smith-43-6-37, Herridge-43-2-41, Femalli-53-12-41, Raley-DNP, Tavares-38-4-34, Code-DNP, Derrick-44-7-37, Milroy-42-6-36

Total: 144 (5 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- DNP, Stephenson-41-5-36, D.Dennison-41-6-35, P. Dennison-49-11-38, D. Talbot-48-11-37, M. Talbot-46-16-33, Lang-49-10-39, Kaiser-46-7-39, Anderson-40-6-34 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 138 (9 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-44-12-32, Spets-40-3-37, Salisbury-44-5-39, Yaklich-41-7-34,Hendrick-45-6-39 Parrott-46-6-40, J. Tavares-39-4-35, Mitro-DNP Christakos-48-8-40, D. Daum-DNP

Total: 138 ( 9 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-DNP, C. Salisbury-DNP, D. Ince-37-7-32,Steger-54-15-39,Esquer-49-18-32, Brown-38-4-34

Total: 137 ( 11 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-51-8-43, Graham-36-0-36, Callahan-39-3-36, Smith-55-15-40, Pate-48-4-44, Nanninga-46-6-40, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-49-12-37, Mertz-41-4-37, Cotton-44-10-34

Total: 143 ( 6 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-44-6-38, R.Addis-49-11-38, R. Scott-39-8-32, D. Scott-40-5-35, Tanzillo-47-11-36, D.Carreau-53-9-44 D. Ryan-52-17-35

Total: 138 (9 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-42-5-37, M. Daum-DNP, P. Daum-DNP, Sloan-DNP, Glaser-56-12-44, Boston-46-8-38, Hillan-55-16-39, Kane-DNP, King-43-10-33

Total:147 (1.5 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-52-18-34., Nelson-DNP, Jennings-42-8-34, Cornwall-54-18-36, Otterstrom-52-6-46 Allen-57-18-39, Thomson-DNP, Anderson-42-7-35, W. Buck-45-12-33, M. Buck-48-15-33

Total: 134 (12 points)


Team Standings (5th  week second half):   

  • 1st Galva Boys- 52
  • 2nd Branchfield Casting-40.5
  • 3rd Class of 68’-38.5
  • 4th Mayhem-38
  • 5th State Bank of Toulon- 34
  • 6th Southside Masonry- 33
  • 7th Dirty Daums and The Boys-30
  • 8th Heavy Knuckles-27.5
  • 9th   Dunes-25.5
  • 10th h Dunes Maintenance-25
  • 11th We Be Strokin-23.5
  • 12th Dirty Mike and The Boys- 22.5


Tuesday Night League Week 4-2nd half:

Week 4-2nd half $5 game results:

Low Gross- D. Price, T. Miler, L. Horrie
Low Net-
B. Lang, L. Horrie, A Talbot
Gross Skins-
S. Nelson #3, B. Ince #6, L. Horrie # 7
Net Skin-
B. Ince #6
Alex Kane

Tuesday Night League Week 4 Second Half (Week 11)

  • Dunes: Peach-49-9-40, Sarge-50-10-40, Dave Wallace-DNP, Langdon-37-3-34, Kernan-38-3-35, Carreau-DNP Don Wallace-DNP, Horsley-44-8-36, A Talbot-44-12-32, Roman-47-5-42

Total: 137 (8.5 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-44-6-38, Crabtree-41-5-36, Ewing-46-7-39, Hart-42-7-35,Palen-DNP, Mossner-47-11-36, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-45-10-35, Sanders-42-7-35, A.Welgat-DNP

Total: 141 (1 point)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-DNP, Strader-52-9-43, JMAC-43-6-37, Ahlberg-49-14-35, VanDaele-DNP, Pace-40-6-34, Haverland-41-7-34, Edleman-56-13-43

Total: 140 (2 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-36-(-1)-37, Harker-43-9-34, M.Miler-40-4-36,Price-36-1-35, Boswell-40-6-34, Reeser-50-11-39, Pont-45-11-34, Bryner-DNP, Huber-51-8-43, G. Talbot-DNP

Total: 137 (8.5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-36-5-32, Smith-42-5-37, Herridge-37-2-35, Femalli-46-13-33, Raley-48-10-38, Tavares-DNP, Code-42-7-35, Derrick-48-7-41, Milroy-43-6-37

Total: 135 (11 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 46-11-35, Stephenson-43-5-38, D.Dennison-44-6-38, P. Dennison-51-12-39, D. Talbot-47-10-37, M. Talbot-48-13-35, Lang-40-10-32, Kaiser-DNP, Anderson-44-6-38 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 139 (3.5 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-47-13-34, Spets-42-2-40, Salisbury-42-6-36, Yaklich-DNP,Hendrick-43-5-38 Parrott-DNP, J. Tavares-41-4-37, Mitro-43-8-35 Christakos-42-9-33, D. Daum-46-7-39

Total: 138 ( 6 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-46-10-36, C. Salisbury-46-13-33, D. Ince-41-7-34,Steger-57-14-43,Esquer-57-18-39, Brown-40-4-36

Total: 139 ( 3.5 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-DNP, Graham-37-0-37, Callahan-40-3-37, Smith-45-16-32, Pate-37-4-33, Nanninga-43-6-37, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-46-12-34, Mertz-40-4-36, Cotton-46-10-36

Total: 135 ( 11 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-DNP, R.Addis-42-11-32, R. Scott-44-7-37, D. Scott-DNP, Tanzillo-49-10-39, D.Carreau-44-9-35 D. Ryan-52-18-34

Total: 138 (6 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-45-5-40, M. Daum-42-7-35, P. Daum-50-14-36, Sloan-DNP, Glaser-DNP, Boston-DNP, Hillan-50-16-34, Kane-37-2-35, King-45-11-34

Total:138 (6 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-55-17-38., Nelson-42-5-37, Jennings-42-8-34, Cornwall-51-18-33, Otterstrom-44-6-38 Allen-64-18-46, Thomson-40-4-36, Anderson-41-8-33, W. Buck-49-11-38, M. Buck-50-15-35

Total: 135 (11 points)


Team Standings (4th  week second half):   

  • 1st Galva Boys- 40
  • 2nd Class of 68’-34.5
  • 3rd Mayhem-32
  • 4th Branchfield Casting-31.5
  • 5th Dirty Daums and The Boys-28.5
  • 6th State Bank of Toulon- 25
  • 7th   Southside Masonry- 24
  • 8th  Dunes-22.5
  • 8th Heavy Knuckles-22.5
  • 10th Dirty Mike and The Boys- 21
  • 11th Dunes Maintenance-18
  • 12th We Be Strokin-12.5


Tuesday Night League Week 3-2nd half:

Week 3-2nd half $5 game results:

Low Gross- Tom Miler
Low Net- C. Salisbury, J. Stephenson, B. Cornwall, M. Huber, A. Talbot
Gross Skins-J. Peach #13,J. Crabtree #14,T. Miler#17,J. Stephenson#18
Net Skins- J. Femalli # 10, A. Talbot # 12, J. Peach #13, L. Horrie # 15, B. Cornwall# 17
Proxy- Alex Kane

Tuesday Night League Week 3 Second Half (Week 10)

  • Dunes: Peach-43-10-33, Sarge-DNP, Dave Wallace-43-6-37, Langdon-47-3-44, Kernan-DNP, Carreau-DNP Don Wallace-40-6-34, Horsley-45-7-38, A Talbot-45-13-32, Roman-45-5-40

Total: 136 ( 9 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-40-6-34, Crabtree-39-5-34, Ewing-45-7-38, Hart-45-7-38, Palen-DNP, Mossner-52-10-42, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-DNP, Sanders-44-7-37, A.Welgat-DNP

Total: 143 (4.5 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-DNP, Strader-45-10-35, JMAC-40-7-33, Ahlberg-53-14-39, VanDaele-46-11-35, Pace-48-5-43, Haverland-DNP, Edleman-DNP

Total: 142 (6 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-34-(-1)-35, Harker-55-9-46, M.Miler-38-5-33,Price-38-1-37, Boswell-46-6-40, Reeser-42-11-32, Pont-46-11-35, Bryner-42-7-35, Huber-41-9-32, G. Talbot-DNP

Total: 132 (12 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-41-5-36, Smith-42-5-37, Herridge-38-2-36, Femalli-47-13-34, Raley-47-10-37, Tavares-44-4-40, Code-45-7-38, Derrick-41-7-34, Milroy-42-7-35

Total: 139 (8 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 52-11-41, Stephenson-37-6-32, D.Dennison-40-6-34, P. Dennison-45-12-33, D. Talbot-51-10-41, M. Talbot-55-12-43, Lang-49-10-39, Kaiser-42-8-34, Anderson-43-6-37 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 133 (11 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-49-12-37, Spets-42-2-40, Salisbury-DNP, Yaklich-47-6-41,Hendrick-DNP Parrott-41-7-34, J. Tavares-42-4-38, Mitro-49-7-42 Christakos-46-9-37, D. Daum-47-7-40

Total: 146 ( 1 point)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-54-9-45, C. Salisbury-41-13-32, D. Ince-45-6-39,Steger-DNP,Esquer-54-18-36, Brown-41-4-37

Total: 144 ( 2.5 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-42-9-33, Graham-35-0-35, Callahan-DNP, Smith-59-16-43, Pate-44-3-41, Nanninga- DNP, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-47-12-35, Mertz-45-4-41, Cotton-DNP

Total: 144 ( 2.5 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-43-6-37, R.Addis-49-11-38, R. Scott-DNP, D. Scott-39-5-34, Tanzillo-47-10-37, D.Carreau-45-10-35 D. Ryan-DNP

Total: 143 (4.5 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-40-5-35, M. Daum-42-6-36, P. Daum-DNP, Sloan-51-15-36, Glaser-52-12-40, Boston-DNP, Hillan-57-15-42, Kane-35-2-33, King-48-10-38

Total:140 (7 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-DNP., Nelson-42-5-37, Jennings-44-8-36, Cornwall-49-18-32, Otterstrom-48-6-42 Allen-58-18-40, Thomson-DNP, Anderson-40-8-32, W. Buck-DNP, M. Buck-50-15-35

Total: 135 (10 points)


Team Standings (3nd week second half):   

  • 1st Galva Boys- 29
  • 2nd Branchfield Casting-28
  • 3rd Class of 68’-26
  • 4th Dirty Daums and The Boys-22.5
  • 5th Mayhem-21
  • 6th Dirty Mike and The Boys- 20
  • 7th State Bank of Toulon- 19
  • 8th   Southside Masonry- 18
  • 9th  Dunes Maintenance-16
  • 10th Dunes-14
  • 11th  Heavy Knuckles-11.5
  • 12th We Be Strokin-9


Tuesday Night League Week 2-2nd half:

Week 2-2nd half $5 game results:

Low Gross- D. Price, T. Miler, K. Graham
Low Net-
J. Mossner, M. Miler, S. Salisbury, D. Hart, W. Buck, D. Price, A. Mertz, S. Nelson, J. Anderson, L. Kaiser
Gross Skins-
J Langdon #1, W. Buck #8
Net Skins-
J Langdon #1, W Buck # 8
M. Estes

Tuesday Night League Week 2 Second Half (Week 9)

  • Dunes: Peach-46-10-36, Sarge-DNP, Dave Wallace-44-6-38, Langdon-41-3-38, Kernan-DNP, Carreau-DNP Don Wallace-39-7-32, Horsley-45-7-38, A Talbot-45-13-32, Roman-45-5-40

Total: 138 ( 4 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-41-6-35, Crabtree-41-5-36, Ewing-DNP, Hart-38-7-32,Palen-DNP, Mossner-40-11-32, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-DNP, Sanders-43-8-35, A.Welgat-40-8-32

Total: 131 (11.5 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-DNP, Strader-DNP, JMAC-40-7-33, Ahlberg-50-14-36,VanDaele-46-11-35, Pace-45-5-40, Haverland-41-7-34, Edleman-DNP

Total: 138 (4 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-34-(-1)-35, Harker-46-9-37, M.Miler-36-6-32,Price-34-2-32, Boswell-42-6-36, Reeser-DNP, Pont-DNP, Bryner-DNP, Huber-42-9-33, G. Talbot-40-5-35

Total: 132 (9 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-45-5-40, Smith-42-5-37, Herridge-37-3-34, Femalli-DNP, Raley-DNP, Tavares-39-5-34, Code-45-7-38, Derrick-45-7-38, Milroy-43-7-36

Total: 141 (1 point)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- DNP, Stephenson-43-6-37, D.Dennison-44-6-38, P. Dennison-46-12-34, D. Talbot-45-11-34, M. Talbot-50-12-38, Lang-45-10-35, Kaiser-40-8-32, Anderson-39-7-32 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 132 (9 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-51-12-39, Spets-37-2-35, Salisbury-37-6-32, Yaklich-DNP,Hendrick-42-6-36 Parrott-DNP, J. Tavares-40-6-36, Mitro-48-7-41 Christakos-43-9-34, D. Daum-42-7-35

Total: 136 ( 6.5 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-45-9-36, C. Salisbury-47-13-34, D. Ince-44-6-38,Steger-49-15-34,Esquer-58-17-41, Brown-38-4-34

Total: 138 ( 4 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-43-10-33, Graham-34-0-34, Callahan-38-3-35, Smith-47-16-32, Pate-39-4-35, Nanninga- 41-7-34, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-DNP, Mertz-36-4-32, Cotton-44-10-34

Total: 131 ( 11.5 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-41-6-35, R.Addis-48-12-36, R. Scott-46-7-39, D. Scott-40-6-34, Tanzillo-45-10-35, D.Carreau-46-9-37, D. Ryan-54-18-36

Total: 140 (2 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-39-5-34, M. Daum-40-7-33, P. Daum-48-14-34, Sloan-DNP, Glaser-DNP, Boston-43-8-35, Hillan-55-14-41, Kane-38-2-36, King-DNP

Total:136 (6.5 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-52-17-35., Nelson-37-5-32, Jennings-46-8-38, Cornwall-57-18-39, Otterstrom-40-6-34 Allen-54-18-36, Thomson-39-5-34, Anderson-46-8-38, W. Buck-42-11-32, M. Buck-DNP

Total: 132 (9 points)

Team Standings (2nd  week second half):   

  • 1st Galva Boys- 19
  • 2nd Mayhem-18.5
  • 3rd State Bank of Toulon- 18
  • 4th Branchfield Casting-17
  • 5th Dirty Mike and The Boys- 15.5
  • 5th Dirty Daums and The Boys-15.5
  • 6th  Class of 68’-14
  • 7th   Southside Masonry- 13.5
  • 8th  Dunes Maintenance-10
  • 9th We Be Strokin-6.5
  • 10th  Dunes-5
  • 11th Heavy Knuckles-3.5

Tuesday Night League Week 1-2nd half:

Week 1-2nd half $5 game results:

Proxy- Dan Denninson
Low Gross-
Tom Miler
Low Net-
Mike Yaklich, Dennis Daum, Dayton Ince, Dennis Carreau, Kevin Thomson, Wayde Buck
Gross Skins-
Dave Boswell #12, Justin Crabtree #17
Net Skins-
Kevin Thomson #15

Tuesday Night League Week 1 Second Half (Week 8)

  • Dunes: Peach-49-10-39, Sarge-DNP, Dave Wallace-42-6-36, Langdon-DNP, Kernan-42-3-39, Carreau-DNP Don Wallace-40-8-32, Horsle, A Talbot-55-12-43, Roman-43-5-38

Total: 145 ( 1 point)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-43-6-37, Crabtree-43-6-37, Ewing-DNP, Hart-44-7-37, Palen-DNP, Mossner-48-11-37, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-44-11-33, Sanders-42-8-34, A.Welgat-50-7-43

Total: 141 (4 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-DNP, Strader-DNP, JMAC-42-8-34, Ahlberg-57-14-43, VanDaele-44-12-32, Pace-42-6-36, Haverland-44-7-37, Edleman-DNP

Total: 139 (6 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-35-(-1)-36, Harker-49-9-40, M.Miler-49-6-43,Price-36-2-34, Boswell-44-7-37, Reeser-DNP, Pont-46-11-35, Bryner-44-7-37, Huber-44-9-35

Total: 140 (5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-39-5-34, Smith-43-5-38, Herridge-45-2-43, Femalli-DNP, Raley-DNP, Tavares-41-5-36, Code-45-7-38, Derrick-43-7-36, Milroy-DNP

Total: 144 (2.5 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 47-11-36, Stephenson-40-6-34, D.Dennison-42-6-36, P. Dennison-46-12-34, D. Talbot-48-11-37, M. Talbot-48-11-37, Lang-49-10-39, Kaiser-47-8-39, Anderson-40-7-33 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 137 (8 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-DNP, Spets-37-2-35, Salisbury-40-6-36, Yaklich-39-7-32,Hendrick-42-6-36 Parrott-DNP, J. Tavares-43-4-39, Mitro-42-7-35 Christakos-42-9-33, D. Daum-40-8-32

Total: 132 ( 11.5 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-49-8-41, C. Salisbury-49-13-36, D. Ince-36-7-32,Steger-DNP,Esquer-DNP, Brown-39-4-35

Total: 144 ( 2.5 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-DNP, Graham-38-0-38, Callahan-38-3-35, Smith-50-17-33, Pate-DNP, Nanninga- 41-7-34, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-48-12-36, Mertz-41-4-37, Cotton-51-10-41

Total: 138 ( 7 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-40-6-34, R.Addis-46-12-34, R. Scott-40-8-32, D. Scott-44-6-38, Tanzillo-53-10-43, D.Carreau-41-9-32 D. Ryan-59-17-42

Total: 132 (11.5 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-40-5-35, M. Daum-40-8-32, P. Daum-52-14-38, Sloan-DNP, Glaser-48-12-36, Boston-DNP, Hillan-49-15-34, Kane-38-2-36, King-46-11-35

Total:136 (9  points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-53-17-36., Nelson-43-5-38, Jennings- 42-8-34, Cornwall-DNP, Otterstrom-46-6-40 Allen-54-18-36, Thomson-38-6-32, Anderson-49-7-42, W. Buck-43-12-32, M. Buck-51-15-36

Total: 134 (10 points)

Team Standings (1st week second half):

  • 1st State Bank of Toulon- 11.5
  • 1st Southside Masonry- 11.5
  • 3rd Galva Boys- 10
  • 4th Dirty Daums and The Boys-9
  • 5th Branchfield Casting-8
  • 6th Mayhem-7
  • 7th Dunes Maintenance-6
  • 8th Class of 68’-5
  • 9th Dirty Mike and The Boys- 4
  • 10th Heavy Knuckles-2.5
  • 10th We Be Strokin-2.5
  • 12th Dunes-1

First Half Results Qualifying for playoffs:

1st Place: Galva Boys

2nd Place: Dunes

Tuesday Night League Week 7:

Week 7 $5 game results:

Low Gross- Tom Miler
Low Net- Larry Kaiser
Proxy- Alex Kane
Gross Skins- Joe Tavares #2, Alex Kane #3, Andrew Welgat #7
Net Skins- Todd Steger #2, Bill Lang #6

Tuesday Night League Week 7:

  • Dunes: Horsley-43-6-37, Sarge-DNP, Dave Wallace-DNP, Langdon-39-3-36, Kernan-DNP, Carreau-DNP Don Wallace-42-8-34, Peach-47-10-37, A Talbot-47-13-34, Roman-DNP

Total: 141 (5 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-41-7-34, Crabtree-45-5-40, Ewing-41-7-34, Hart-44-7-37, Palen-DNP, Mossner-57-9-48, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-47-11-36, Sanders-44-9-35, A.Welgat-43-8-35

Total: 138 (7.5 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-47-9-38, Strader-49-9-40, JMAC-47-7-40, Ahlberg-52-14-38, VanDaele-48-11-37, Pace-DNP, Haverland-DNP, Edleman-DNP

Total: 153 (1 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-37-(-1)-38, Harker-44-9-35, M.Miler-44-5-39,Price-43-2-41, Boswell-41-7-34, Reeser-50-11-39, Pont-46-12-34, Bryner-41-7-34, Huber-43-9-34

Total: 136 (10.5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-40-6-34, Smith-42-5-37, Herridge-36-3-33, Femalli-49-13-36, Raley-44-10-34, Tavares-DNP, Code-46-7-39, Derrick-42-7-35, Milroy-DNP

Total: 136 (10.5points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 47-11-36, Stephenson-DNP, D.Dennison-43-6-37, P. Dennison-47-13-34, D. Talbot-DNP, M. Talbot-48-12-36, Lang-44-11-33, Kaiser-40-9-31, Anderson-46-7-39 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 134 (12 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-54-12-42, Spets-38-3-35, Salisbury-DNP, Yaklich-39-7-32,Hendrick-41-6-35 Parrott-DNP, J. Tavares-41-4-37, Mitro-48-7-41 Christakos-51-9-42, D. Daum-42-7-35

Total: 137 (9 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-44-8-36, C. Salisbury-48-13-35, D. Ince-42-7-35,Steger-51-15-36,  Esquer-52-18-34, Brown-43-3-40

Total: 140 (6 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-50-9-41, Graham-DNP, Callahan-39-4-35, Smith-57-17-40, Pate-DNP, Nanninga- 42-7-35, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-DNP, Mertz-39-4-35, Cotton-DNP

Total: 145 (2.5 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-50-6-44, R.Addis-46-12-34, R. Scott-44-8-36, D. Scott-45-6-39, Tanzillo-46-10-36, D.Carreau-Could not find scorecard D. Ryan-57-16-41

Total: 145 (2.5 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-42-6-36, M. Daum-45-8-37, P. Daum-48-14-34, Sloan-DNP, Glaser-57-11-46, Boston-50-6-44, Hillan-53-15-38, Kane-39-2-37, King-DNP

Total:144 (4 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-57-17-40., Nelson-43-5-38, Jennings- 42-8-34, Cornwall-56-18-38, Otterstrom-40-7-33 Allen-59-18-41, Thomson-42-5-37, Anderson-42-7-35, W. Buck-48-12-36, M. Buck-51-15-36

Total: 138 (7.5 points)

Team Standings (end of first half): Teams in RED receive a playoff spot

  • 1st Galva Boys -59.5
  • 2nd Dunes- 56.5
  • 3rd Dunes Maintenance- 54.5
  • 4th State Bank of Toulon – 53.5
  • 5th Class of 68’- 50
  • 6th Dirty Mike and The Boys- 47.5
  • 7th Heavy Knuckles- 47
  • 8th We Be Strokin- 45.5
  • 9th Branchfield Casting – 40.5
  • 10th Dirty Daums and The Boys- 36
  • 11th Mayhem- 32
  • 12th Southside Masonry- 22.5

Tuesday Night League Week 6


-If you have not paid your league dues, this needs to be taken care of next week. We will have a list of who has not paid after next week. Please do this asap.

-If you are not a member, please be sure to stop by the proshop counter to pay for your round of golf before you go out.

-Week 7 will be the last week for first half. Week 8 we will be starting over for the second half!

-If you want to be in the $5 game you have to pay before you go out to play. You are not able to get in the game after you play.

Please write your full name on each scorecard and cross out scores that are not counted for league. Also please specify the tees you are playing from and your team name.

-If you are wondering how the handicap works, click on the link  LeagueID: kdunes no password required to get a more in depth look into league results..

Week 6 $5 game results:

Low Gross- Tom Miler 34
Low Net- Larry Morse, Andy Talbot
Gross Skin- Dave Spets #8
Net Skins- Andy Talbot #5, Dave Spets #8
Proxy- Tom Miler #8 (Closest 2nd shot)

Tuesday Night League Week 6:

  • Dunes: Horsley-43-6-37, Sarge-52-10-42, Dave Wallace-DNP, Langdon-40-3-37, Kernan-39-4-35, Carreau-DNP Don Wallace-42-9-33, Peach-45-11-34, A Talbot-42-15-30, Roman-DNP

Total: 132 (10 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-40-7-33, Crabtree-43-5-38, Ewing-42-8-34, Hart-46-7-39, Palen-49-11-38, Mossner-42-10-32, Galli-52-18-34, S.Welgat-48-10-38, Sanders-44-11-33

Total: 132 (10 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-49-9-40, Strader-46-9-37, JMAC-49-7-42, Ahlberg-44-15-30, VanDaele-46-11-35, Pace-40-6-34, Haverland-DNP, Edleman-DNP

Total: 136 (8 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-34-(-1)-35, Harker-52-9-43, M.Miler-42-6-36,Price-38-2-36, Boswell-39-8-31, Reeser-50-10-40, Pont-DNP, Bryner-45-7-38, Huber-45-9-36

Total: 138 (4.5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-43-5-38, Smith-42-5-37, Herridge-38-3-35, Femalli-56-13-43, Raley-50-10-40, Tavares-DNP, Code-44-8-36, Derrick-42-8-34, Milroy-44-8-36

Total: 141 (2 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 49-10-39, Stephenson-41-6-35, D.Dennison-47-6-41, P. Dennison-53-12-41, D. Talbot-48-11-37, M. Talbot-49-11-38, Lang-45-11-34, Kaiser-47-8-39, Anderson-44-7-37 Hoxworth-44-12-32

Total: 138 (4.5 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-50-12-38, Spets-38-3-35, Salisbury-45-6-39, Yaklich-42-8-34,Hendrick-40-6-34 Parrott-43-7-36, J. Tavares-DNP, Mitro-44-7-37 Christakos-44-9-35, D. Daum-44-7-37

Total: 138 (4.5 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-43-9-34, C. Salisbury-49-13-36, D. Ince-42-8-34,Steger-48-16-32, Esquer-54-18-36, Brown-37-5-32

Total: 132 (10 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-DNP, Graham-40-0-40, Callahan-37-4-33, Smith-59-17-42, Pate-38-4-34, Nanninga- 42-7-35, Denzer-42-7-35, F. Hamilton-48-13-35, Mertz-44-4-40, Cotton-DNP

Total: 137 (7 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-41-6-35, R.Addis-48-13-35, R. Scott-44-8-36, D. Scott-DNP, Tanzillo-47-10-37, D.Carreau-46-3-37 D. Ryan-DNP

Total: 143 (1point)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-40-6-34, M. Daum-40-8-32, P. Daum-53-14-39, Sloan-DNP, Glaser-DNP, Boston-DNP, Hillan-DNP, Kane-36-3-33, King-52-10-42

Total:138 (4.5 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-48-18-30., Nelson-39-5-34, Jennings- 42-9-33, Cornwall-58-17-41, Otterstrom-41-7-34 Allen-55-18-37, Thomson-43-5-38, Anderson-44-7-37, W. Buck-54-11-43, M. Buck-48-15-33

Total: 130 (12 points)

Team Standings (Week 6):

  • Dunes Maintenance- 53.5
  • Galva Boys -52
  • Dunes- 51.5
  • State Bank of Toulon – 44.5
  • Dirty Mike and The Boys- 40.5
  • Class of 68’- 39.5
  • We Be Strokin- 39.5
  • Heavy Knuckles- 36.5
  • Dirty Daums and The Boys- 32
  • Mayhem- 29.5
  • Branchfield Casting – 28.5
  • Southside Masonry- 20

$5 game week 5 results:

Low Gross- Tom Miler 33
Low Net- 33: Crabtree, D. Daum, D. Ince, A. King, W. Buck
Gross Skin- Colby Horsley #13
Net Skins- Aaron King #10, Darin Hart #16
Proxy # 13- Tom Miler

Tuesday Night League Week 5 Team results:

  • Dunes: Horsley-41-6-35, Sarge-DNP, Dave Wallace-49-6-43, Langdon-40-3-37, Kernan-40-4-36, Carreau-DNP Don Wallace-45-9-36, Peach-47-11-36, A Talbot-50-17-33, Roman-DNP

Total: 140 (11 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-41-6-35, Crabtree-38-5-33, Ewing-DNP, Hart-44-6-38, Palen-50-11-39, Mossner-48-10-38, Galli-DNP, S.Welgat-54-9-45, Sanders-49-11-38

Total: 144 (3.5 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-47-9-38, Strader-DNP, JMAC-44-7-37, Ahlberg-52-15-37, VanDaele-46-11-35, Pace-46-6-40, Haverland-DNP, Edleman-47-13-34

Total: 143 (6 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-33-(-1)-34, Harker-45-9-36, M.Miler-44-6-38,Price-38-1-37, Talbot-45-6-39, Boswell-42-7-35, Reeser-52-9-43, Pont-DNP, Bryner-48-7-41, Huber-46-7-39

Total: 142 (8 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-40-5-35, Smith-39-5-34, Herridge-37-2-35, Femalli-50-13-37, Raley-50-9-41, Tavares-42-5-37, Code-DNP, Derrick-42-8-34, Milroy-42-7-35

Total: 138 (12 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 48-7-41, Stephenson-44-5-39, D.Dennison-45-5-40, P. Dennison-57-10-47, D. Talbot-DNP, M. Talbot-46-10-36, Lang-52-10-42, Kaiser-45-8-37, Anderson-42-7-35 Hoxworth-DNP

Total: 147 (2 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-DNP, Spets-39-3-37, Salisbury-42-6-36, Yaklich-48-6-42,Hendrick-DNP Parrott-44-7-37, J. Tavares-43-4-39, Mitro-43-6-37 Christakos-44-9-35, D. Daum-41-8-33,

Total: 141 (9.5 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-DNP, C. Salisbury-51-13-38, D. Ince-42-9-33,Steger-DNP, Esquer-54-18-36, Brown-40-6-34

Total: 141 (9.5 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-52-8-44, Graham-36-(-1)-37, Callahan-46-4-42, Smith-55-14-41, Pate-40-3-37, Nanninga- 47-6-41, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-46-14-32, Mertz-45-4-41, Cotton-48-10-38

Total: 144 (3.5 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-43-5-38, R.Addis-48-12-38, R. Scott-DNP, D. Scott-DNP, Tanzillo-52-10-42, D.Carreau-DNP D. Ryan-52-17-35

Total: 153 (1point)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-DNP, M. Daum-47-7-40, P. Daum-52-14-38, Sloan-52-15-37, Glaser-47-11-36, Boston-DNP, Hillan-52-15-37, Kane-DNP, King-44-11-33

Total:143 (6 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-60-17-43., Nelson-40-5-35, Jennings- 47-9-38, Cornwall-60-16-44, Otterstrom-45-6-39 Allen-69-18-51, Thomson-DNP, Anderson-44-7-37, W. Buck-45-12-33, M. Buck-57-14-43

Total: 143 (6 points)


Team Standings (Week 5):

  • Dunes Maintenance- 45.5
  • Dunes- 41.5
  • Galva Boys -40
  • State Bank of Toulon – 40.5
  • Class of 68’- 34.5
  • Heavy Knuckles- 34.5
  • Dirty Mike and The Boys- 30.5
  • We Be Strokin- 30
  • Dirty Daums and The Boys- 27.5
  • Mayhem- 25.5
  • Branchfield Casting – 24
  • Southside Masonry- 14.5


Tuesday Night League Week 4:

Week 4 $5 game results:

Low Gross- Tom Miler-35
Low Net- Chad Salisbury-30

Scott Raley- Gross and Net Skin #7

Cad Salisbury- Net Skins # 8 and #9
Week 4 Scores & Standings

Tuesday Night League Week 4:

  • Dunes: Horsley-46-6-40, Sarge-51-9-42, Dave Wallace-DNP, Langdon-DNP, Kernan-DNP, Carreau-46-7-39 Don Wallace-43-9-34, Peach-49-13-36, A Talbot-DNP, Roman-41-5-36

Total: 145 (2.5 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-41-6-35, Crabtree-46-5-41, Ewing-43-8-35, Hart-40-7-33, Palen-DNP, Mossner-45-10-35, Galli-60-18-42

Total: 138 (10 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-42-10-32, Strader-DNP, JMAC-42-7-35, Aghlberg-52-15-37, Vandeale-51-11-40, Pace-43-7-36, Haverland-39-9-30

Total: 133 (12 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-35-(-1)-36, Harker-45-9-36, M.Miler-39-6-33,Price-39-1-38, Talbot-DNP, Boswell-45-7-38, Reeser-49-9-40, Pont-48-11-37, Bryner-45-7-38, Huber-43-8-35

Total: 140 (8 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-42-5-37, Smith-42-5-37, Herriadge-41-2-39, Femalli-51-13-38, Raley-43-10-33, Tavares-48-5-43, Code-48-8-40, Derrick-DNP

Total: 145 (2.5 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 50-7-43, Stephenson-43-5-38, D.Dennison-43-6-37, P. Dennison-46-11-35, D. Talbot-54-10-44, M. Talbot-DNP, Lang-46-10-36, Kaiser-46-8-38 Anderson-46-7-39 Hoxworth-50-11-39

Total: 146 (1 point)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-50-1238, Spets-37-3-34, Salisbury-DNP, Yaklich-44-7-37,Hendrick-42-6-36, Parrott-46-7-39, J. Tavares-42-4-38, Mitro-41-7-34 Christakos-46-9-37, D. Daum-47-8-39,

Total: 141 (7 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-48-8-40, C. Salisbury-43-16-30, D. Ince-47-8-39,Steger-51-16-35, Esquer-60-17-4, Brown-43-6-37

Total: 141( 7 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-DNP, Graham-36-(-1)-37, Callahan-42-4-38, Smith-DNP, Pate-39-3-36, Nanninga- 48-6-42, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton-49-15-34, Mertz-40-4-36, Cotton-DNP

Total: 141 (7 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-41-6-35, R.Addis-49-12-37, R. Scott-46-8-38, D. Scott-DNP, Tanzillo-46-10-36, D.Carreau-49-9-40 D. Ryan-50-18-32

Total: 143 (4 point)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-42-6-36, M. Daum-46-7-39, P. Daum-48-14-34, Sloan-51-16-35, Glaser-DNP, Boston-DNP, Hillan-52-15-37, Kane-41-3-38, King-50-10-40

Total:142 (5 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-63-15-48, Nelson-44-5-39, Jennings- 40-10-30, Cornwall-60-14-46, Otterstrom-47-6-41 Allen-72-17-55, Thomson-DNP, Anderson-40-8-32, W. Buck-51-12-39, M. Buck-51-15-36

Total: 137 (11 points)


Team Standings (Week 1):

  • Dunes Maintenance- 39.5
  • Galva Boys -34
  • State Bank of Toulon – 31
  • Dunes- 30.5
  • Dirty Mike and The Boys- 27
  • Class of 68’- 26.5
  • Heavy Knuckles- 22.5
  • Branchfield Casting – 22
  • Mayhem- 22
  • Dirty Daums and The Boys- 21.5
  • We Be Strokin- 20.5
  • Southside Masonry- 13.5


Tuesday Night League Week 3:

Week 3 $5 game:

Low Gross- Tom Miler, Kyle Graham, Matt Herriage 36

Low Net- AJ Mertz, Ed Kernan, Scott Raley 32
Proxy- Jared Mossner

Gross Skins- Aaron Callahan #2, Ed Kernan #4, Dave Nanniga#8 Net Skins- Matt Buck # 2, Matt Talbot #6, Darin Hart #9

Week 3 Scores & Standings:

  • Dunes: Horsley-45-6-39, Sarge-44-9-35, Dave Wallace-45-6-39, Langdon-38-3-35, Kernan-37-5-32, Carreau-50-7-43 Don Wallace-43-9-34, Peach-44-13-31, A Talbot-54-18-36, Roman-39-5-34

Total: 131 (12 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-40-7-33, Crabtree-41-5-36, Ewing-42-8-34, Hart-45-7-38, Palen-DNP, Mossner-46-11-35

Total: 138 (9 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-50-10-40, Strader-52-9-43, JMAC-42-7-35, Aghlberg-47-16-31, Vandeale-52-10-42, Pace-47-7-40, Haverland-44-10-34

Total: 140 (7 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-36-(-1)-37, Harker-45-9-36, M.Miler-43-7-36,Price-38-1-37, Talbot-43-5-38, Boswell-45-7-38, Reeser-47-9-38, Pont-49-11-38, Bryner-44-7-37, Huber-48-8-40

Total: 146 (4.5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-43-6-37, Smith-43-5-38, Herriage-36-3-33, Femalli-51-12-39, Raley-48-11-32, Tavares-43-5-38, Code-51-7-44, Derrick-43-9-34

Total: 136 (11 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 45-8-37, Stephenson-45-5-40, D.Dennison-47-5-42, P. Dennison-DNP, D. Talbot-54-10-44, M. Talbot-47-10-37, Lang-51-10-41, Kaiser-43-8-35 Anderson-45-7-38

Total: 147 (2.5 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-50-12-38, Spets-41-3-38, Salisbury-46-6-40, Yaklich-46-7-39, Hendrick-43-6-37, Parrott-DNP, J. Tavares-42-4-38, Mitro-41-7-34 Christakos-50-9-41,  Daum-48-8-40

Total: 147 (2.5 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-41-10-31, C. Salisbury-55-15-40, D. Ince-41-12-30,Steger-62-13-49, Esquer-55-17-38

Total: 139( 8 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-50-8-42, Graham-36-0-36, Callahan-41-4-37, Smith-51-15-36, Pate-42-3-39, Nanninga- 44-6-38, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton, DNP, Mertz-37-5-32, Cotton-57-10-47

Total: 141 (6 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-43-6-37, R.Addis-51-12-39, R. Scott-DNP, D. Scott-DNP, Tanzillo-57-10-47, D.Carreau-50-8-42 D. Ryan-60-18-42

Total: 160 (1 point)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-DNP, M. Daum-41-7-34, P. Daum-58-12-46, Sloan-61-13-48, Glaser-54-8-46, Boston-43-7-36, Hillan-56-13-43, Kane-40-2-38, King-48-10-38

Total:146 (4.5 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-52-16-36, Nelson-45-3-42, Jennings- 44-12-32, Cornwall-54-14-40, Otterstrom-42-7-35 Allen-52-18-34, Thomson-DNP, Anderson-50-6-44, W. Buck-53-10-43, M. Buck-53-15-38

Total: 137 (10 points)

Team Standings (Week 1):

  • Dunes- 28
  • Dunes Maintenance- 27.5
  • State Bank of Toulon – 23.5
  • Galva Boys -23
  • Branchfield Casting – 21.5
  • Heavy Knuckles- 20.5
  • Clas of 68’- 18.5
  • Dirty Mike and The Boys- 17
  • Dirty Daums and The Boys- 16.5
  • Mayhem- 15
  • We Be Strokin- 13.5
  • Southside Masonry- 9.5


Tuesday Night League Week 2:


-We still have lots of guys who have not paid league dues yet, please be sure to do this asap!

-Let guys on your team know to give us emails so that they can get all notifications for league info.

-We will be sending out the league handicap website next week.

-If you have not taken a league info/rules sheet please do so on the proshop counter.

-$5 game has been great so far, big payouts. Remember you have to pay before you play if you want to be in this. All winnings will be at the golf bar with your name on it.

Week 2 $5 game results

Low Gross- Jim Langdon 36
Low Net- John Wagner 30
Gross Skins- Rich Hendrick # 13, Alex Kane #15
Net Skins- Mike Yaklich # 11
Proxy- Tom Miler# 17

Week 2 Team Results

  • Dunes: Peach-62-11-51, Sarge-42-10-32, Dave Wallace-38-7-31, Langdon-36-4-32, Kernan-43-5-38, Carreau-42-7-34 Don Wallace-47-9-38, Horsley-48-6-42, A Talbot-58-18-40

Total: 129 (12 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-48-7-41, Crabtree-49-4-45, Ewing-41-9-32, Hart-44-7-37, Palen-51-843, Mossner-48-12-36

Total: 146 (6 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-40-11-30, Strader-45-9-36, JMAC-41-8-33, Aghlberg-DNP, Vandeale-50-10-40, Pace-41-7-34, Haverlan-46-11-35

Total: 133 (11 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-37-(-1)-38, Harker-52-9-43, M.Miler-DNP,Price-46-1-45, Talbot-DNP, Boswell-42-7-35, Reeser-54-9-45, Pont-48-11-37, Bryner-45-7-38, Huber-48-8-40

Total: 148 (4.5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-44-6-38, Smith-43-5-38, Herriage-40-3-37, Femalli-52-12-40, Raley-50-11-39, Tavares-45-5-40, Code-43-7-36, Derrick-48-8-40

Total: 152 (3 points)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 44-8-36, Stephenson-42-5-37, D.Dennison-45-6-39, Dennison-51-11-40, D. Talbot-44-11-33, M. Talbot-51-10-41, Lang-52-10-42, Kaiser-47-8-39 Anderson-48-7-41

Total: 145 (7 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-46-12-34, Spets-41-3-38, Salisbury-41-6-35, Yaklich-43-7-36, Hendrick-41-7-34, Parrott-DNP, J. Tavares-37-5-32, Mitro-45-8-37

Total: 135 (10 points)

  • We Be Strokin: B.Ince-48-9-39, C. Salisbury-52-17-35, D. Ince-DNP,Steger-51-14-37, Esquer-55-18-37

Total: 148 (4.5 points)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-DNP, Graham-DNP, Callahan-42-4-38, Smith-56-15-41, Pate-41-3-38, Nanninga- 52-6-46, Denzer-DNP, F. Hamilton, 58-12-46, Mertz-47-4-43

Total: 160 (1 point)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-DNP, R.Addis-DNP, R. Scott-47-8-39, D. Scott-43-6-37, Tanzillo-53-9-44, D.Carreau-46-8-38 D. Ryan-58-18-40

Total: 158 (2 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-51-5-46, M. Daum-41-8-33, P. Daum-51-12-39, Sloan-50-14-36, Glaser-46-8-38, Boston-DNP, Hillan-50-15-35, Kane-38-2-36

Total:140 (9 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-55-15-40, Nelson-40-3-37, Jennings- 50-12-38, Cornwall-54-12-42, Otterstrom-42-7-35 Allen-66-12-54, Thomson-DNP, Anderson-42-7-35, W. Buck-47-11-36, M. Buck-54-14-40

Total: 143 (8 points)


Team Standings (Week 1):

  • State Bank of Toulon – 21
  • Dunes Maintenance- 20.5
  • Branchfield Casting – 19
  • Dunes- 16
  • Clas of 68’- 14
  • Galva Boys -13
  • Dirty Daums and The Boys- 12
  • Heavy Knuckles- 9.5
  • Mayhem- 9
  • Southside Masonry- 8.5
  • Dirty Mike and The Boys- 8
  • We Be Strokin- 5.5


Week 1 Scores & Standings

Low Net: John Anderson-38-8-30
Low Gross- Tom Miler-36, Kyle Graham:36
Proxy #3: Steve Nelson
Net Skins: Mike Miler #9, Tanner Ewing #7
Gross Skins: Tom Miler #1, Mike Miler #9, Will Pace #8

Tuesday Night League Week 1:

  • Dunes: Horsley-46-7-39, Sarge-48-10-38, Dave Wallace-44-7-37, Langdon-44-4-40, Kernan-39-5-34, Carreau-46-7-39

Total: 148 (4 points)

  • Dirty Mike & the Boys: Estes-46-7-39, Crabtree-45-4-41, Ewing-45-10-35, Hart-45-7-38, Palen-46-8-38, Mossner-50-11-39

Total: 150 (2 points)

  • Dunes Maintenance: Wagner-42-11-31, Strader-47-10-37, JMAC-45-8-37, Aghlberg-54-16-38, Vandeale-49-11-38, Pace-45-8-37, Haverlan-49-11-38

Total: 142 (9.5 points)

  • Class of 68:Miler-36-(-1)-37, Harker-48-9-39, M.Miler-40-8-32,Price-38-1-37, Talbot-48-5-43, Boswell-43-7-36, Reeser-53-9-44, Pont-50-12-38

Total: 142 (9.5 points)

  • Heavy Knuckles:Horrie-45-6-39, Smith-46-5-41, Herriage-38-3-35, Femalli-50-12-38, Raley-49-11-38, Tavares-40-6-34

Total: 145 (6.5)

  • Branchfield Casting: Hopping- 52-8-44, Stephenson-44-5-39, D.Dennison-37-6-31, Dennison-55-11-44, D. Talbot-44-12-32, M. Talbot-50-10-40, Otterstrom-46-7-39, Lang-45-10-35, Kaiser-42-9-33 Anderson-38-8-30

Total: 126 (12 points)

  • State Bank of Toulon: Smith-49-1237, Spets-41-3-38, Salisbury-41-6-35, Yaklich-52-7-45, Hendrick-42-7-35, Parrott-42-7-35, J. Tavares-38-5-33

Total: 138 (11 points)

  • Ince: B.Ince-47-9-38, C. Salisbury-56-16-40, D. Ince-51-12-39,Steger-53-14-39, Esquer-58-18-40

Total: 156 (1 point)

  • Mayhem: Burhorn-42-8-34, Graham-36-0-36, Callahan-40-4-36, Smith-63-15-48, Pate-45-3-42, Nanninga- 43-6-37, Denzer-44-7-37, F. Hamilton, 50-11-39, Mertz-41-4-37

Total: 143 (8 points)

  • South Side Masonry: Addis-45-6-39, R.Addis-48-13-35, R. Scott-47-8-39, D. Scott-44-6 Tanzillo-46-10-36, D.Carreau-44-8-36

Total: 145 (6.5 points)

  • Dirty Daums and The Boys: Bates-41-5-36, M. Daum-46-8-38, P. Daum-50-11-39, Sloan-53-14-39 Glaser-46-8-38, Boston-44-7-37, Hillan-54-15-39

Total:149 (3 points)

  • Galva Boys: Morse-54-15-39, Nelson-40-3-37, Jennings- 50-11-39, Cornwall-51-12-39, Allen-51-12-39, Thomson-40-5-35, G. Anderson-44-7-37, W. Buck-49-11-38, M. Buck-53-14-39

Total: 147 (5 points)


Team Standings (Week 1):

  • Branchfield Casting – 12
  • State Bank of Toulon – 11
  • Dunes Maintenance – 9.5
  • Class of 68’- 9.5
  • Mayhem- 8
  • Southside Masonry-6.5
  • Heavy Knuckles- 6.5
  • Galva Boys- 5
  • Dunes- 4
  • Dirty Daums and The Boys- 3
  • Dirty Mike and The Boys- 2
  • Ince- 1

2017 Club Championship:

1st place: Kyle Graham

2nd Place: Larry Horrie

Seniors 1st place: Hose Dennison